These Places are Travelers’ Best Kept Secrets

ChxKwtfXAAAkoG-It is always been a dream of most travelers to head off the beaten path and find themselves in a world of wonder than no other human has discovered. Well, the world is relatively mapped out now, and though there is literally no place that has been left undiscovered, some gems are less visited than others and still retain their untouched charm to this day.

Sabah, Malaysian Borneo is a nature lover’s dream come true. The place is a diversity hot spot, hidden away due to its rather inaccessible route. Clouded leopards, pygmy elephants, orangutans, bearded pigs and a few of the critically endangered Bornean rhinos have all thrived here.

The Republic of Georgia may be more appealing to people who have no desire for a bout in the jungle. Boasting some of the world’s most variants in wine and grapes, this little mentioned country is an explosion of castles, succulent food and immaculate snow-topped mountains.

If older castles are more your fancy, you may find Peru a more delectable choice. Apart from the historical treasures it has to offer, including the famous pre-Inca pyramids and the Pachamanca forests, the culinary experience in Peru has earned it more than a few praises. Both traditional and modern cuisines are highly praised, making it a must-see for any foodie.

For those who would like the familiarity of a well-known place but wish to experience it anew, the island of Kyushu in Japan would be the right place for you. With scenic, ethereal beauty of surrounding volcanoes, luxurious ryosan and wonderful onsen to rejuvenate your travel-wear body, Kyushu is a hidden gem of Japanese hospitality and beauty.