Samsung Galaxy S7 Wins Consumer Reports’ Top Smartphone Award

Samsung-Galaxy-S6-edge2Consumer Reports named the truly beautiful Samsung Galaxy S7 the very best smartphone it has reviewed, this far. The S7 Edge is the 2nd in the list. Both devices possess extremely high resolution screens, super-fast processors, great cameras and of course, fantastic battery life. The water-resistance and expandable storage were also crucial in helping the devices win top ratings, especially because it was the smaller details that made other, more conspicuous features, stand out. For example, both devices can take videos in 4K and Ultra-HD. The size of files in those formats is huge, which makes having expandable storage in the form of a micro SD card that much more important.

Because the phone boasts a bright and high-res display, the screen is easy to see even in bright sunlight. Both the phones’ battery lives lasted for more than a day of talk time which is a little more than two times the amount of the iPhone 6S. The external speakers produce a loud yet crisp sound. The senior editor for Consumer Reports, Mike Gikas that the two new models are not just the best of Samsung’s smartphones, but could be the very best smartphones till now. While smartphone manufactures will keep on adding nice features, getting things like the camera and battery life right is what customers ultimately care about.

Airports That Make Travelling Great Again

CeXN5U-WQAAoK3ISomething that most airlines have been late to understand is that air travel doesn’t begin on a plane or even at take-off. However, the industry is catching wind of it and is finally realizing in order to keep passengers content, it needs to step up its game both on the ground and while flying. Airport Service Quality Awards are an incentive in the industry to do their best making customers smile. The winners of 2015’s award were recently announced as Singapore’s Changi Airport and South Korea’s Incheon Airport who tied at first place. They were awarded the Best Airports in the category of most passenger traffic with over 40 million passengers passing through them per year.

This is just another feather in the cap of these acclaimed establishments. Last October, Incheon and Changi were awarded the first and second places for world’s best airports from a survey conducted by the “Sleeping in Airports” travel website.

Changi has consistently been topping the ASQ Award charts for five years in a row. It’s easy to see why this airport is such a hit with the masses from its innovative around the clock movie screenings the latest movies for free to various shopping options and experience centers.

The Awards from ASQ are organized yearly by Airports Council International, which is based in Montreal, Canada. They are the unbiased outcomes of half a million traveler surveys which are carried out each year across 300 airports in 80 countries. These in-depth surveys ask passengers for their opinions on service indicators which include access to the airport, their check-in and security experiences and airport facilities such as beverages, food and retail.

These Places are Travelers’ Best Kept Secrets

ChxKwtfXAAAkoG-It is always been a dream of most travelers to head off the beaten path and find themselves in a world of wonder than no other human has discovered. Well, the world is relatively mapped out now, and though there is literally no place that has been left undiscovered, some gems are less visited than others and still retain their untouched charm to this day.

Sabah, Malaysian Borneo is a nature lover’s dream come true. The place is a diversity hot spot, hidden away due to its rather inaccessible route. Clouded leopards, pygmy elephants, orangutans, bearded pigs and a few of the critically endangered Bornean rhinos have all thrived here.

The Republic of Georgia may be more appealing to people who have no desire for a bout in the jungle. Boasting some of the world’s most variants in wine and grapes, this little mentioned country is an explosion of castles, succulent food and immaculate snow-topped mountains.

If older castles are more your fancy, you may find Peru a more delectable choice. Apart from the historical treasures it has to offer, including the famous pre-Inca pyramids and the Pachamanca forests, the culinary experience in Peru has earned it more than a few praises. Both traditional and modern cuisines are highly praised, making it a must-see for any foodie.

For those who would like the familiarity of a well-known place but wish to experience it anew, the island of Kyushu in Japan would be the right place for you. With scenic, ethereal beauty of surrounding volcanoes, luxurious ryosan and wonderful onsen to rejuvenate your travel-wear body, Kyushu is a hidden gem of Japanese hospitality and beauty.

More Human Than Human – Google’s Atlas Becomes More Hominoid

b1534223facf25ebaafa5d7ad3b1f393Atlas is a humanoid robot created by Google’s Alphabet-owned Boston Dynamics. The robot debuted back in 2013 in a competition conducted by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The updated Atlas is the result of seven globally contracted research teams who developed the software that has given Atlas a better but more complex brain.

Atlas was first created as a means of disaster recovery for places that were too unsafe for humans to intervene such as nuclear plants and unstable buildings. Standing at 5 ft. 9 in tall and weighing in at about 180 pounds, the new Atlas is more nimble and smaller than its previous version. It is fully mobile in comparison to the previous model which had to be hooked to a computer. Atlas can walk through snow without losing its balance, open doors, stand up after falling down and place things on a shelf.

Using sensors which are embedded throughout its legs and body and legs to help it balance, lasers for sensing objects, navigating and avoiding obstacles, Atlas is a one of a kind brainchild. Atlas can also maneuver through different types of environments by walking, climbing stairs and dodging debris using its hydraulic joints.