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Modern Landscaping Ideas

Trying to think of unique and attractive front yard landscaping ideas? Consider a contemporary outdoor space. This look is clean, refreshing and pleasing to the eye. Modern landscapes are somewhat toned down when compared to more traditional landscape designs where frilly garden containers and wild, overgrown vegetation abounds. When it comes to modern landscape designs, open spaces, clean lines and geometric shapes are common elements you see.landscape design

When you’re facing down a project like renovating your front or back yard, it can be difficult to know where to start. When it comes to modern landscaping ideas, there are a myriad of options and looks to choose from. While this is exciting to some, it can be completely overwhelming to others. When you’re tackling a project as large and complex as back and front yard landscaping, it never hurts to enlist the services of a landscape designer, especially if you want to successfully achieve a stylish and purposeful modern look.

Of course there are plenty of details that you can handle yourself, such as planters, edging and decorative elements. However, consulting with a landscape designer is a great way to get a clear roadmap of what you need to do to effectively achieve the modern outdoors look. Many landscaping professionals offer free consultations.

When it comes to modern landscaping ideas, there are a few essentials you need to keep in mind that can really help take your contemporary outdoor space to the next level. Common elements found in modern landscapes include:

Clean lines and geometric shapes
Glossy metals, raw concrete and gravel
Oversized grid patterns
Extensive hardscape designs
Wood deck tiles
Water features like minimalist pools and fountains
Geometric planters and pillars
Abstract sculptures and colorful urns
Agave, succulents, palms and other xeriscape style plants

Modern landscapes rely primarily on hardscaping and other structural elements to achieve a clean, minimalist look. Plants are however also important accents that add essential contrast and color. All landscape designs should be carefully planned out ahead of time, but pre-planning is especially important when it comes to brainstorming modern landscaping ideas. Contemporary landscapes are not thrown together haphazardly, they are carefully and methodically planned out to achieve a particular balance and harmony amongst outdoor elements.landscapinh

The gardens of modern landscapes are known for their extremely organized and controlled look. Tall grassy plants like horsetail are often found in contemporary landscape designs. Outdoor furniture and seating elements are often important centerpieces that can have a significant impact on the style and design of your yard. Unique uses of lighting and textures are also commonly employed in modern outdoor spaces. Eastern, or oriental styled accents are also frequently added to modern landscapes to achieve a zen-like, minimalist feeling.

Contemporary architecture and modern outdoor spaces have become an increasingly chic and stylish look that is highly sought after in the real estate market. Regardless if you have a big or small front yard, renovating your landscape can go a long way in adding value to your home’s bottom line. Creating an immaculately planned modern landscape can provide both a beautiful outdoor space for relaxing as well as a key selling point when it comes time to put your home up for sale on the market.

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